Nostalgia Alert: 25 Discontinued Cereals We Wish We Could Eat Again 🦕🧃

May 02, 2023 13 min read

Nostalgia Alert: 25 Discontinued Cereals We Wish We Could Eat Again 🦕🧃

Cereal is hands down one of the greatest and most iconic American breakfast foods enjoyed by breakfast enthusiasts of all ages. For those of us who have been eating it since childhood, just seeing a cereal box can bring back a flood of memories. Who can forget those nostalgic cereal commercials that used to play on TV while our parents were getting ready for work? And let's not forget about the cereal boxes themselves, some of which even included games to play while enjoying a bowl of Lucky Charms. And if you were fortunate, you might even find a toy inside the box! In our opinion, cereal is the best breakfast food out there, with such a variety of options available that you can always find something new and exciting to try. Unless, of course, your favorite cereal was discontinued at some point. When it comes to cereal, it's hard not to feel a bit nostalgic for some of the classics that have been discontinued. 

Who else remembers Sprinkle Spangles, Chocolate Honeycomb, or Crazy Cow cereal? You might not even know what you're missing out on if you're a newer cereal fan. But these iconic cereals hold a special place in our hearts for those who have been eating cereal since the 70s. Even though they're no longer in production, we can still remember their impact on our breakfast routines. That's why we've compiled a list of twenty-five discontinued cereals that we think deserve a comeback. Trust us; your taste buds will thank you. 

Dino Pebbles

Did you ever try Dino Pebbles cereal? If not, you missed out on one of the most iconic and delicious cereals ever. This cereal, which debuted in 1990, was known for its cool packaging featuring the beloved cartoon dinosaur Dino and its unique combination of tiny rice cereals and multicolored dinosaur-shaped marshmallows. As someone who remembers the excitement of discovering what color dinosaurs would be in each spoonful, we can attest that this cereal was truly something special. While you may not find Dino Pebbles on the grocery store shelves today, the memories of this tasty and fun cereal will live on forever.


Cinnamon Mini Buns

If you're a TikTok user, you're probably familiar with the latest trend of turning tiny cinnamon rolls into cereal with milk. But did you know that this trend originated in the '90s? Yes, a cereal called Cinnamon Mini Buns offered the perfect bite of mini cinnamon roll buns with every spoonful. Sadly, Kellogg's decided to discontinue this gem, and we're still devastated about it. The colorful packaging alone was enough to catch anyone's eye on the shelf. We think Kellogg's made a huge mistake by getting rid of this delicious cereal, but we're reassured that this yummy cereal can now be recreated at home. 

Hidden Treasures 

The Hidden Treasures cereal was every child's dream come true. It offered a fun and exciting game while you were eating it. The little bite-sized pieces of cereal had a fruity center, but not every bite had that delicious filling, which made it a treasure hunt to find the perfect bite. Breakfast was never boring with this cereal. It's a shame that it was discontinued because it was a great way to start the day. In our opinion, it was one of the best cereals out there, and it's a shame that kids today won't be able to experience the excitement of the Hidden Treasures cereal. 

Crazy Cow 

Do you remember the 1970s? If so, you may recall the Crazy Cow cereal that was all the rage back then. This breakfast cereal was an instant hit from the moment it hit grocery store shelves. It came in strawberry and chocolate flavors and had a unique power that would turn milk brown or pink, depending on the flavor. Both adults and children loved this fun cereal because they could enjoy a bowl of cereal with the liquid colored either pink or brown, depending on whether they chose strawberry or chocolate. 

Rocky Road Cereal 

Rocky Road ice cream lovers, brace yourselves! You're about to be transported back to the 80s when Rocky Road cereal was all the rage. This cereal took the iconic flavor of Rocky Road and turned it into a breakfast sensation. Imagine marshmallows coated with a chocolate and nut mixture mixed with chocolate and vanilla puffs. It was a flavor explosion in every bite. And let's not forget the commercials––they were a whole other level of entertainment. The cereal had its trio of mascots, Choco, Van, and Marsha, who would jam out on guitar and sing catchy jingles to promote it. This cereal was delicious but also a ton of fun with its colorful and flavorful mix. Trust us; if you love Rocky Road ice cream, you would have loved this cereal too.

Smurf Berry Crunch 

Do you remember the Smurfs? Back in the 80s, this animated show was incredibly popular. And let's not forget about the Smurf Berry Crunch cereal that came with it. The cereal was a bright red and purple, and it tasted like fruit. The cartoon box even featured Papa Smurf enjoying a bowl of tasty cereal. But unfortunately, the cereal was discontinued in 1987. It was replaced with Smurf Magic Berries, which had marshmallows, but that didn't last long either. Despite its short lifespan, the Smurf Berry Crunch will always hold a special place in our hearts and memories. 

Magic Puffs 

The 1907s were a time when cereal options were aplenty, but there was one that stood out from the rest. This thematic cereal was a tad sweeter than most, but that wasn't even the best part. Inside each box, there were actual magic tricks. And let us tell you, these tricks were seriously cool. This was the perfect breakfast option for any kid eager to try their hand at being a magician. If you were one of those kids who begged your parents to buy this cereal just for the magic tricks, we don't blame you. 

Mini Trix 

Do you remember Mini Trix cereal? It was a flash in the pan in the 2010s, here one minute, gone the next. This cereal was a miniature version of the classic Trix cereal, with even smaller fruit-shaped pieces. The pieces were so small that you had to eat the cereal quickly once you added milk, or it would turn mush. But let me tell you, this cereal was worth the rush. The flavor was delicious, and the small size made it a fun and unique eating experience. It was a sad day when Mini Trix disappeared from the shelves. Here's to hoping it makes a comeback someday! 


If you're a waffle lover, you would have adored the Waffelos cereal from the 1970s. This breakfast cereal was unlike any other, with its tiny, crunchy waffle bites flavored with maple syrup. Honestly, we still don't think any waffle cereal can compare to it. The Waffelos cereal was a true waffle phenomenon that was transported from the waffle maker into your breakfast bowl, with even a blueberry version introduced in the 1980s. But unfortunately, this cereal disappeared from the shelves and hasn't made a comeback since, which is a true devastation for all of us who enjoyed them in the 70s.

Banana Frosted Flakes 

Before there were Frosted Flakes, there were Banana Frosted Flakes, which existed for a hot minute in the early 1980s. Not only was this version of Frosted Flakes banana flavored but there were even small bits of bananas in every bite of your cereal. Many people enjoy slicing up a banana in their cereal, and if this is you, then this would have been a perfect cereal option. This cereal was delicious and flavorful, a favorite for those that loved banana flavoring, especially in their cereal. 


The 1960s was a decade full of strange happenings, but none quite as wacky as the cereal known as Wackies. This cereal was a wild mix of flavors and shapes in every box. The monochromatic beige Lucky Charms-like cereal was banana-flavored and filled with marshmallows. The shapes were all kinds of wacky, which is where the cereal got its name from. The back of the box had unique names for each shape, making it even more fun. As a few lucky folks who got to experience this flavorful cereal, we can say that it holds a special place in our hearts. 

Ice Cream Cones Cereal 

Ice cream cone cereal is making a comeback on TikTok, and it's becoming a favorite for people to make ice cream cereal. But let's be real; none will ever be as strong as the Ice Cream Cones Cereal from 1986. This cereal was the real deal, featuring a mix of vanilla or chocolate chip-flavored puffs and conical Chex-like pieces enjoyed with milk. It was like having an ice cream cone from your favorite shop on your block. Unfortunately, it was discontinued, leaving many devastated. It was a fun and tasty cereal that many enjoyed with every bite. We think they should bring it back and let the new generation experience the joy of Ice Cream Cones Cereal. 

Peanut Butter Toast Crunch 

Did you know that there was once a cereal that could rival the greatness of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Peanut Butter Toast Crunch was a sugar-dusted cereal that boasted real peanut butter in every bite. Introduced in 2004, it disappeared from shelves shortly after, only to reappear in 2013 before disappearing again. It was so good that fans even created an online petition begging for its return. But, unfortunately, we haven't seen it back on shelves yet. 

Sir Grapefellow 

Back in the 70s, there was a grape-flavored cereal you wouldn't find on the shelves today. This cereal had a British pilot from World War I who loved grapes and was featured on the front of the box in a purple grape plane with grapes on the back. The pilot had a rival named Baron von Redberry, who had his own cereal. Despite being set in the World War I era, the cartoons had little to do with the war and more to do with which cereal was superior. Unfortunately, this unique and tasty cereal didn't stick around for long, leaving many children without the chance to try it. But let's not forget this retro cereal that made its mark while it was here! In our opinion, it's a shame that we don't have more unique cereal options like this on the shelves today. 

S'mores Crunch


Do you remember the cereal that made you feel like you were eating dessert for breakfast? General Mills introduced a cereal in 1982 that had bite-sized marshmallows and chocolate-coated graham cracker pieces all mixed together, and it was a hit with kids. Although you can find some s'more cereals today, none compare to the original. Sure, it was on the sweeter side, but every bite was delicious. General Mills sold this cereal for six years, and it's a shame they stopped. In our opinion, no modern cereal can replace the feeling of nostalgia and joy that this cereal brought to breakfast time. 

Mr. T Cereal 

Are you a fan of Corn Flakes cereal today? Then you would have been an even bigger fan of the Mr. T cereal that debuted in 1984! Quaker made this cereal, and it was an instant hit with fans of actor and wrestler Laurence Tureaurd, who played the role of Mr. T in the popular movie Rocky III. The boxes featured Mr. T himself about to enjoy a big bowl of cereal and even boasted that it had stickers of the wrestler inside. This cereal stayed on grocery store shelves for a remarkable nine years, and while it was a little longer than most cereals on the list, it was still devastating when it eventually left. 

Marshmallow Krispies 

Do you remember the Marshmallow Krispies cereal from Kelloggs in the 80s? It was the perfect combination of toasted rice cereal and marshmallow pieces––almost like having rice krispies treats for breakfast! Sadly, it didn't last long, and now we're left with plain rice crispy cereal, which is still tasty but just not the same. In our opinion, Marshmallow Krispies was the ultimate dream cereal combination, and it's a shame it’s no longer around. 

Choco Donuts 

Quaker, the cereal company, is known for creating many iconic kinds of cereal. However, Choco Donuts was one of the best cereals in the Cap'n Crunch family. This cereal was claimed to be created by accident, but that doesn't take away from its deliciousness. The tiny chocolate rings looked just like little donuts and were extra chocolaty. To make it look even more authentic, the company added sprinkles. The execution of this cereal was excellent, and it truly did resemble little donuts. Unfortunately, this cereal was discontinued in the early 2000s. It's a shame because it was a great addition to the Cap'n Crunch family.

Sprinkle Spangles 

This cereal was a dream come true for sprinkle lovers. It was like having mini-sugar cookies for breakfast! The sweetened corn puffs were covered in rainbow sprinkles, making every bite a tasty flavor explosion. The box was just as fun as the cereal, with sprinkles all over it and a fancy name in a large font. So it's no surprise that this cereal gained popularity quickly after its debut in the 90s. Unfortunately, it didn't last long, which is a shame because there was nothing to hate about it. In my opinion, this cereal was a true gem that left us too soon. 


Do you remember Pac-Man? Back in the 1980s, this iconic video game character had his own cereal. It was a delightful combination of sweetened corn puffs and marshmallow bits shaped like different Pac-Man characters. As a fan of Pac-Man, you would have loved this unique cereal. Unfortunately, it lost its popularity over time and disappeared from the shelves. It's a shame because it was a fun and tasty way to start your day. 

Chocolate Honeycomb 

Post's Chocolate Honeycomb cereal was a game-changer for cereal lovers. Combining honey and chocolate in the form of honeycombs was a stroke of genius. The bigger pieces of honeycomb were a delightful crunch in every bite. It's a shame that this cereal didn't stick around for long. Who wouldn't want to start their day with a bowl of chocolatey goodness? In our opinion, Post should bring back Chocolate Honeycomb cereal and make it a permanent addition to its lineup. 

Circus Fun 

This cereal was the ultimate champion of fun breakfast options in the 80s. Its crispy and sweet fruit-flavored cereal and marshmallows shaped like circus animals made for a delightful morning treat. The colorful box, featuring a clown holding a hoop of jumping circus animals, added to the excitement. The clown mascot became a beloved figure in the cereal world during the 80s, and the commercials featuring him were always a hit. The boxes even came with Life Savers candy inside! Trust us, this cereal was a must-try for anyone looking to add joy to their morning routine.

Nerds Cereal 

If you're a fan of the little Nerds candy, you might have heard of the Nerds Cereal that hit the market in the 1980s. Some may argue that turning tiny sour candies into cereal wasn't the smartest idea, but we beg to differ. It may not have been the tastiest cereal out there, but it was an adventurous and unique option. The cereal came in two split bags, reminiscent of the beloved Nerds candy, and stood out on grocery store shelves. While many agreed it didn't live up to the hype, we still think it was worth trying for its sheer novelty.

Berry Lucky Charms 

Lucky Charms, the popular cereal from General Mills, has seen many variations over the years. One such variation was the beloved Berry Lucky Charms, which debuted in 2006. This version of the cereal featured berry-flavored cereal mixed with marshmallow charms, and it quickly became a favorite among breakfast lovers. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, Berry Lucky Charms vanished from stores just as quickly as it appeared. But fear not; we will always remember this spin-off cereal that Lucky the Leprechaun proudly boasted on the front of cereal boxes. In our opinion, it's a shame that this delicious cereal didn't stick around for longer. Nevertheless, we can still cherish our fond memories of Berry Lucky Charms. 

What's To Come: Cereals To Look Out For

Although we might be sad that so many delicious cereals have left us, that doesn't mean there aren't delicious breakfast options to partake in. Just as the cereals above have left shelves, more delicious cereals have quickly made their way to replace them. This year has already brought many unexpected turns, but when it comes to the cereal aisle, we can expect to see many make an appearance during this year. Here are a few new cereals you can look forward to this year or that have already come out and hit the shelves. 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Rolls


Cinnamon Toast Crunch fans, brace yourselves because this cereal is about to take your taste buds on a wild ride! This cereal is reminiscent of the classic Cinnamon cereal from back in the day but with a fun twist––the cereal pieces are shaped like tiny cinnamon swirls. Trust me; you won't be disappointed. So keep your eyes peeled for this tasty cereal that is sure to impress breakfast enthusiasts everywhere! 

Nutty Buddy Cereal 

I'm sure you've all seen the new Little Debbie ice creams hitting refrigerators, but have you heard about the upcoming Nutty Buddy cereal? It's set to debut soon, and we're excited to try it out. From what we've heard, it'll be filled with bulky pieces of chocolate and peanut butter––it sounds like a dream come true! While we already know that this flavor combination is delicious in ice cream form, we can't wait to see how it translates to cereal.

Lightyear Cereal

The Lightyear movie was a massive success upon its release, but the show's real star is the cereal that accompanied it. The vanilla flavor is complemented by a medley of crunchy stars and marshmallows in various shapes, making for a delightful breakfast experience. The box features Buzz enjoying a bowl of cereal, which adds to the excitement. This cereal is a must-try for anyone who loves a sweet and playful breakfast treat.

LOL Surprise Cereal 

The latest craze among kids is LOL Dolls, and now they can have a themed breakfast with the new LOL Dolls cereal! The cereal features "L" and "O" shaped pieces along with marshmallows that taste like birthday cake. We have to say that this cereal is a dream come true for young kids who love their LOL dolls. It's a fun and tasty way to start the day with their favorite toys. 


We've taken a trip down memory lane and compiled a list of twenty-five discontinued cereals that we think should make a comeback. These cereals were more than just a breakfast staple; they were a part of our childhood and held a special place in our hearts. From their iconic appearances to unforgettable tastes, these cereals left a lasting impression on us. But don't worry; we've also included some cereals that are hitting shelves this year or already have so you can relive those fond memories again. Trust us; your taste buds will thank you.