Are You Storing Your Cereal Correctly? 6 Pro Tips for Maximum Crunch

September 12, 2023 2 min read

Are You Storing Your Cereal Correctly? 6 Pro Tips for Maximum Crunch

Hey, cereal lovers! You know what’s worse than realizing there’s no milk after you’ve already poured your cereal? It's soggy cereal, ugh! It's like the universe's way of saying, "Not today, my friend." But guess what? We're going to beat the system. How? By mastering the art of cereal storage.

Keep it Cool and Dry

Ever notice how cereal seems to taste better in cooler weather? That's no coincidence. Your cereal’s freshness is at war with heat and moisture. Arm yourself with knowledge and stash your cereal boxes in a cool, dry cupboard, well away from your stove or dishwasher. Take that, temperature and humidity!

Seal that Bag Tight

Cereal boxes come with an inner bag for a reason -- they're not just there to make your life difficult when you're sleepily trying to pry them open in the morning. These bags protect your precious cereal from air exposure. Always remember to seal the inner bag tightly after each use and use a CrunchClip keep your cereal fresher, longer.

Upgrade to an Airtight Container

Bought a truckload of cereal because it was on sale? We've all been there. To keep it fresh, consider transferring your haul to an OXO cereal container. They’re like the VIP lounges of cereal storage, minus the velvet ropes.

Stay Clear of Stinky Foods

Ever had onion-scented cereal? Yeah, it's as bad as it sounds. Your cereal can sponge up the odors of strong-smelling foods. So unless you fancy a garlicky breakfast, keep it away from pungent foods.

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

You know the saying, "out with the old, in with the new"? Flip it when it comes to your cereal. Check those best-before dates and make sure you’re not letting any box of yumminess go past its prime.

Size Matters

If you're a slow cereal consumer, smaller boxes might be your savior. Larger boxes, while economical, might lose their freshness by the time you reach the bottom. Smaller boxes can help you enjoy each bowl at peak crunchiness.


With these tips up your sleeve, you're now a certified cereal storage pro! So pour a bowl, revel in the crunch, and savor every bite. After all, life's too short for soggy cereal. Here's to crunchier mornings!