A New Twist on Breakfast: The Best Off-Limits Cereal Flavors Ranked By Our Team ✨💪🏼☕️

March 31, 2023 3 min read

A New Twist on Breakfast: The Best Off-Limits Cereal Flavors Ranked By Our Team ✨💪🏼☕️

We take breakfast seriously, especially when it comes to cereal. Our commitment to finding the perfect cereal flavor is unwavering. It must be delicious, flavorful, and hit every tastebud just right. We believe that the perfect cereal flavor should leave you eager for more after the first bite.

We understand our readers share our passion for the perfect bowl of cereal, which is why we had our expert in-house taste tester, Jake, provide an honest opinion on the bestOff-Limits Cereal flavors. In this article, we've compiled a breakdown of these flavors in case you missed Jake's TikTok reviews.

Tied For 3rd Place: Pandan and Cinnamon 

Zombie Pandan and Flex Cinnamon are tied for third place in our lineup of best Off-Limits Cereal flavors. During his TikTok review, Jake mentioned that the cinnamon cereal flavor initially smelled a bit like soap. However, he continued with the taste test and described the flavor as "okay" and "nothing crazy." Being a huge fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Jake felt that it's a hard cereal to beat and that this cinnamon cereal didn't quite measure up. Nevertheless, he did mention that the cereal is a healthier alternative to Cinnamon Toast Crunch and still tastes good. 

@thecrunchcup Trying out @OffLimits cinnamon flavored cereal 👀 #cerealtok #cerealtiktok #cerealreview #cerealreviews #crunchcup #thecrunchcup ♬ original sound - TheCrunchCup

Overall, the cereal received a solid 7 out of 10 rating.

Next, Jake tried the Zombie Pandan cereal, which tied for third place. He described it as "not bad" but admitted it was his first time trying anything Pandan-flavored. The cereal is plant-based and gluten-free, making it a healthier option than other big cereal brands. Jake appreciated the perfect shape and size of the cereal, making it easy to eat on the go. 

@thecrunchcup Taste testing the Pandan flavored zombie cereal from @OffLimits 🤌🏽 #cerealreview #cerealreviews #cerealtiktok #cerealtok #crunchcup #thecrunchcup ♬ original sound - TheCrunchCup

In his TikTok taste test review, he gave it a 7 out of 10, tying it with Flex Cinnamon.

2nd Place: Strawberry

The Spark Strawberry flavor is the second cereal on the list, and it has definitely earned its spot. Upon opening the packaging, Jake was greeted with a bold and delicious aroma that he described as really good. As seen on his TikTok review, his first impression of the flavor was that it almost tasted like a strawberry protein bar, with a slightly chalky taste. However, he clarified that this doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad taste. Although it's a healthy cereal, Jake says the flavor absolutely slaps. 

@thecrunchcup Trying out the strawberry flavored cereal from @OffLimits 🍓 #cerealreview #cerealreviews #cerealtiktok #cerealtok #crunchcup #thecrunchcup ♬ original sound - TheCrunchCup

Jake rated the Spark Strawberry flavor a 7.5 or 8 out of 10.

1st Place: Coffee 

The Dash Coffee flavor is our top pick for the best Off-Limits Cereal flavor. This unique flavor is not commonly found in the cereal aisle, making us eager to share our experience with it. According to Jake's review on TikTok, the cereal has a strong coffee aroma with hints of chocolate. The taste is equally impressive, providing a rich and authentic coffee flavor that is not overly sweet or artificial. This is due to the fact that real coffee beans are used in the cereal's ingredients.

@thecrunchcup Today I tried out the coffee flavored cereal by @OffLimits 😳👀 #cerealreviews #cerealreview #cerealtiktok #cerealtok #crunchcup #thecrunchcup ♬ original sound - TheCrunchCup

Jake gave the Dash Coffee flavor a 9.5 out of 10 rating, solidifying its position as a standout flavor in the Off-Limits Cereal lineup. 

Final Notes 

Overall we would say our lineup of Off-Limits Cereal flavors is truly remarkable, and we think Jake's TikTok taste-testing reviews of each cereal confirm that the ranking for each flavor is spot on. Off-Limits Cereal offers a variety of unique plant-based and gluten-free flavors, making them a vegan-friendly and healthy alternative to big-brand cereal companies. Each flavor has its own rating, but all are delicious and make a great breakfast option.

These cereals are available in single boxes or variety packs, including realistic, rare, imported Cereal Glitter, as Jake shows in his reviews. You can sprinkle this glitter over your cereal to add a touch of magic to every bite. The boxes are creatively designed with cartoon characters, which adds a fun touch to your morning routine. Purchase your own variety pack of Off-Limits Cereal today and see if you agree with Jake’s reviews!